Can’t adopt? Sponsor a cat!

Corky striking a cute poseHi, I’m Corky, the ICS Sponsor Spokescat! Annie let me be a guest blogger this week so I could talk about my Sponsor a Cat program, and maybe a little about myself as well.

Sponsor a Cat is one of our most important programs, as it provides us with much-needed funds to support our many cats and kittens. Your Sponsor dollars go directly to food, litter, and medical expenses for our kitties, helping keep them healthy and happy.

I’m living proof that those funds help. I came to the shelter as a kitten, with a cute little corkscrew tail that was later found out to include a slight deformation in my spine. I had a hard time digesting food because of that abnormality, and even though I’m grown up now, I may still need some monitoring to ensure that my digestive system is functioning normally. Not much though – trust me, I eat just fine!

In fact, I was the ICS Sweetheart in 2011, and a big star. Really! I went to all kinds of great events, and met with a bunch of cool people. But even though our Sweetheart cats are often the most likely to get adopted soon because of the exposure they get, no one has picked me. Maybe it’s because I used to do a lot of rough-and-tumble play as a kitty? I’m 4 now – I don’t play quite like I used to. In fact, all I want to do is be someone’s forever friend now. When people come visit me in my hallway condo, I greet them with a ton of purrs and love to be petted. If you happen to bring a treat with you, all the better! I even get along with other cats and with dogs and kids – promise! I feel like I can be a little assertive sometimes when I want to be, but I’m working on that. I just need some good friends and a nice quiet place to roam. Some family, somewhere, is waiting for me. Maybe yours?

Corky as a Sweetheart in 2011

Corky as a Sweetheart in 2011

But here’s the thing – my friends that have special needs don’t let those issues keep them down, and I don’t let them keep me down either. I’m here to help all of my friends, and that’s why I’m the ICS Sponsor a Cat Spokescat! We hope that you don’t let any little differences keep you from letting me and my friends into your heart. Even if you cannot support them by caring for them at home, you can help keep any of our shelter cats healthy and get them ready for the day when the right adopter comes to take them to their Forever Home. Check out our beautiful cats at our website, and come meet them in person. They may not all have special needs, but they do need to find a place in your heart. Won’t you let them in, even in a small way, with your support and kindness?

Your gifts and your kindness mean the world to kitties like me. Come visit us at our shelter, or come by one of our wonderful events sometime soon. We hope to see you soon, and don’t forget to consider sponsoring a cat if you can!