2014 Year-End Report

As always, thanks to our hardworking volunteers, employees, and supporters. Without you, our work would not be possible. Learn more about ICS, its mission and work, and how to help contribute to our cause at http://www.catsociety.org!

This post summarizes some of the activities that ICS has been involved with over the course of 2014. Our accomplishment this year include:

Shelter Improvement

  • Improved signage for the shelter on US6 and on shelter grounds
  • The board has revisited and implemented a new strategic plan for the ICS organization for 2014-2017 which includes goals related to establishing new building facilities, increasing adoptions and fundraising, and exploring new ways to introduce new employees and volunteers into a more cohesively structured organization.
  • Continued work on determining new building potential for the shelter, including the addition of new members to the building ad hoc committee who have been doing in-depth research on how to maximize our efforts and get the most from our land and available funds.
  • Establishment of improved cleaning methods at the shelter with the use of Accel cleaning products, designed to improve the cleanliness of the shelter as well as disinfect from germs and viruses more completely than previous techniques that have been used
  • Existing building improvements include the use of surfaces that can be easily cleaned throughout the shelter to minimize germs, the installation of a new stainless steel washtub, the addition of a new washing machine, and the installation of new lockable cabinetry for medicators’ use.


  • Implementation of extended adoption hours and adoption pricing specials during certain times to year to coincide with Best Friends events and to increase adoptions in general. These events have resulted in a notable increase in adoptions as compared to 2013, especially in the summer months.
  • An increase in the total number of adoptions of nearly 10% as compared to 2013
  • The compilation of a complete policy and procedure manual for the shelter and its operations
  • Establishment of a permanent credit card machine at the shelter, which has taken in over $3000 of additional income for ICS since August.
  • Addition of improved online volunteer and adoption applications, which have increased the number of both adopters and volunteers coming to ICS by over 20% in the six months since implementation.


  • Grants from the Unity Foundation ($1800), Bissell Foundation ($5000), Banfield Community Trust ($6000), Crown Point Community Foundation ($1000), and Best Friends ($500) have been attained for helping people and pets in our community.

Outreach and Fundraising

  • Establishment of ICS as a Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network Partner, which includes the ability to participate in Best Friends national adoption events such as Back in Black.
  • Increased connection with Purdue North Central to give students service learning opportunities and increase ICS volunteer base. In addition, ICS volunteers will begin generating additional revenue for ICS with the help of PNC by offering workshops and classes targeted toward pet owners and non-profit organization leaders through the Graduate and Extended Learning Office. The first of these programs, a Grant Writing Workshop, will be held between February and April 2015.
  • ICS has participated in a number of events around Porter and LaPorte county this year, increasing exposure in the community.
  • Establishment of the Instagram account “@indcatsociety” and maintenance thanks to Purdue North Central service learning students.
  • We have been featured in two Public Television interviews which were handled by Board President, Staci Trekles, with the possibility of more in the future.
  • We have had two professional writers contact us, Dee Dunheim and Nomi Berger, that want to help get our word out by writing appeals, fundraiser information, cat bios, etc all ‘free of charge’ to the ICS because they want to help us help the kitties. So far they have helped with Greg’s foster cats, the Black Cat Boogie, and a medical/dental fundraiser.

Volunteers and Committees

  • Implementation of formalized volunteer orientations for new volunteers.
  • Establishment of more clear and complete foster care program, including foster parent orientation and procedures, and a complete clean-up of foster care records thanks to Diane Buche, foster care coordinator.

Goals for 2015

As always, the work does not end there, however. There is still more yet to be done, and in 2015, we would like to work toward:

  1. Increasing adoptions by continuing to work on expanding adoption hours and improving adoption processes.
  2. Increasing public awareness of ICS efforts through continuing to work in the community and attend marketing and fundraising events.
  3. Work with Purdue North Central to establish more courses and workshops to be offered to the public through the Graduate and Extended Learning Office.
  4. Maintain and continue to improve the TNR program to ensure that cats in the community are spayed and neutered to reduce unwanted pet overpopulation.
  5. Explore additional grant opportunities in order to help ICS increase its ability to help people in the community, adopt more animals, build a better shelter facility, and hire a Shelter Director to oversee operations.
  6. Continue efforts to research the feasibility of new shelter facilities on our current grounds, and identify a solid plan to move forward.