2015 Sweethearts are Here!

The Sweethearts are here!

These lovelies are just waiting to be your number one candidate – check them out and keep looking here and on Facebook for the latest happenings during Sweetheart Season, starting February 1 and ending on March 7 with a special Sweetheart Celebration at the Moose Lodge in downtown Valparaiso. From 10am to 4pm, come out and visit us and the candidates, listen to their campaign “speeches” (purrs!), and join us for food and fun!

How do you vote? You vote through your generous financial support of the Independent Cat Society. You may send us a check, stop by the shelter and drop off your vote funds, or pay through PayPal using the link on our website. No amount is too small, and every amount helps to directly purchase food, litter, and medical supplies for our cats. Just be sure to indicate which candidate you are voting for – all of us truly appreciate it!

Want to join a Sweetheart team? Just ask! Send us an email or a Facebook message. We would love to have you as a team member or leader to help get out the vote for your favorite candidate!

P.S. One of our candidates, Snowball, just got the best kind of vote of all – she’s on her way to her forever home! She will still continue to campaign though, to help out her ICS friends!


The Candidates

(special thanks to Stephanie S. and the Sweetheart crew for the wonderful pictures!)



Abby is our youngest candidate – she is playful and affectionate, seen here confident that she will be crowned the ICS Sweetheart. Can she count on your vote?



Cissy is a gorgeous calico lady who had a rough start, but has certainly become the Sweetheart of her room, Church. Won’t you vote to make her the ICS Sweetheart this year?



Who doesn’t love Donut(s)? This guy is a big bundle of love, who will sit in your lap all day. Help Donut win this year with your vote!



Georgie is as sweet as he is large. He is usually found supervising the activities in the main shelter and being adored by all. Will he get your vote?



Nema is a beautiful, friendly, female orange tabby. She’s had a rough year, but has retained her sweet nature. Doesn’t she deserve your vote this year?



Patch is an active, delightful little guy, who has watched all but one of his 7 siblings get adopted this year. Your vote will get him noticed!



Pink came to us on April 1st last year, but we’re not fooling when we say she is a real Sweetheart! She’ll be “tickled Pink” with your vote!



Snowball has the most dazzling blue eyes and is simply adorable and loving. She’s deaf, so let your vote SHOW her that she’s a Sweetheart!



Zeller may come last by name, but this attractive guy comes first in the hearts of those who meet him. Your vote can make him the #1 Sweetheart!