Have you thought about fostering?

Cute kitty asking for your helpHave you ever thought about adopting a cat, but you weren’t sure if you were quite ready to take the plunge? Maybe you just felt like you could do more to help out a cat in need. You should consider fostering a cat! Fostering is a warm and gratifying experience. Everyone wins!

There are many reasons to foster a cat. Some cats need extensive 24/7 care that is not available within a shelter. Pregnant cats, newborn kittens or injured cats need foster homes. Do you have other pets of your own? That’s okay! Foster cats can live in a room separate from your other animals and still be part of the family.

Fostering kittens is tough, but rewarding. Depending on their age, kittens will rely on you for all of their needs. They need to be warmed, bottle fed, and socialized. All of this will aid in a healthy life for that kitten. If you fall in love, you can always adopt!

Independent Cat Society is always looking for volunteers to be foster parents! If you are dependable, have proper transportation and love helping cats and your local community shelters, fostering is definitely something you should consider. You can drastically improve the life of cat or kitten. Think about it!