The first chronicle of M'Gistryn


Injured in battle and accused of treason, Lieutenant Tristan Loringham’s life of privileged nobility has taken a sudden and drastic turn. When he and his best friend, Alexander, are introduced to a young wizard named Andella and a chilling, ancient prophecy, their lives continue to tumble down a path that they neither expected nor fully understand. Can they accept what fate has wrought and manage to stay alive in the process?

This novel, the first in the M'Gistryn world series, explores themes of war, coming of age, and self-discovery as the characters come to terms with a world that is not quite what they once believed it to be. Follow the emotional and action-packed twists and turns with Tristan and Alexander in this exciting first novel by Anastasia Trekles.

Putting People First

Human Issues in Instructional Technology

Simply put, this book is about people, and how they learn, work, and interact in today's rapidly changing, technologically supercharged society. How do we ensure that technology and learning opportunities are accessible to everyone? How do we ensure that the people in our organizations enjoy all of the benefits of technology without misusing or abusing it? What happens when we encounter a student or an employee who faces difficulty with new technology implementations because he or she has a disability, or because he or she simply finds adaptation more difficult?

These are questions that millions of instructional designers, computer lab managers, technology coordinators, teachers, and trainers face every day. Sometimes answers are in easy reach; but sometimes those answers are not nearly so easy to find or implement. This book is not meant to be prescriptive, but instead is meant to provide you with the foundational knowledge and insights necessary to help you create and adapt solutions that better meet the needs of the diverse learners you may encounter, regardless of industry or specific instructional design process.

One reader’s testimonial:

"Putting People First: Human Issues in Instructional Technology is one of the best resources I’ve read for teachers interested in integrating technology into the learning environment... Trekles uses an instructional technology design model to analyze on-line learners and design learning spaces that meet the needs of all students. She identifies best practices in online instructional facilitation and describes ways to develop media and learning materials. Her overview of copyright law, security, and ethics within the context of distance learning is informative and insightful.

Putting People First: Human Issues in Instructional Technology is well organized and user-friendly. Its forward-thinking format has links embedded throughout the text. The reader can simply click on the link and go to the source referenced in the book.

Each chapter includes easy-to-use charts that summarize the key points and identify standards addressed in the chapter. At the end of every chapter, there is also a recommended activity that gives the reader an opportunity to apply skills addressed in the lesson. Finally, there are higher-level thinking questions related to each topic.

If you are a teacher interested trying to find meaningful ways to incorporate technology into your curriculum, an administrator thinking about the needs of the people in your institution, or a technology coordinator training people to use technology, this is a must-have ebook for your library. And at $9.99, it is definitely a worthwhile investment."

-Silvana Morgan, Fifth Grade Teacher,
Clark Middle School, Saint John, Indiana, USA

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