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Core: A Novel

Injured in battle and accused of treason, Lieutenant Tristan Loringham’s life of privileged nobility has taken a sudden and drastic turn. When he and his best friend, Alexander, are introduced to a young wizard named Andella and a chilling, ancient prophecy, their lives continue to tumble down a path that they neither expected nor fully understand. Can they accept what fate has wrought and manage to stay alive in the process?

Follow Tristan and Alexander through trauma, treachery, and redemption in this compelling fantasy novel, coming soon to a bookshelf near you!

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Putting People First: Human Issues in Instructional Technology

An academic investigation and practical guidebook, by Dr. Anastasia M. Trekles

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Simply put, this book is about people, and how they learn, work, and interact in today's rapidly changing, technologically supercharged society . . . In general, we often consider only the positive attributes that computers and Internet technologies have in our workplaces and classrooms. Computers allow us to do things faster, better, smarter, and cheaper - but is there a negative side as well? Do we have to worry about how people might misuse technology? How much should we worry? What happens when we encounter a student or an employee who faces difficulty with new technology implementations because he or she has a disability, or because he or she simply finds adaptation more difficult?

In Pictures: The Indiana Dunes

A look at the beauty of the Dunes, captured by Anastasia M. Trekles

A special new Apple iBookstore exclusive, In Pictures: The Indiana Dunes is an homage to a special place in northwest Indiana, the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and Indiana Dunes State Park. In Pictures: The Indiana Dunes commemorates the beauty of the Dunes beaches, forests, and wildflowers, interspersed with the author's personal reflections on this special and amazing place. 60% of all proceeds from the sale of this iBook ($4.99 US), available especially for iPad users, will benefit the Save the Dunes Foundation and the Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs fund.

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About the Author

Anastasia M. Trekles, Ph.D.

Anastasia M. Trekles imageDr. Anastasia Trekles is a clinical professor at Purdue University Northwest in Westville, Indiana. She also works with several professional non-profits to support educators and writers in Indiana and the Chicagoland area, including serving as board chairperson for the Indiana Connected Educators and the Indiana Writers Consortium. Dr. Trekles has an extensive background with educational technology, including design and pedagogical strategies as well as the effective integration of various technologies into teaching. Her specialty area is instructional design for online learning and technology integration, and in addition to providing professional development and mentorship for other faculty, she has taught a wide array of undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in these areas, both in-classroom and via distance education.

Dr. Trekles is the author of the textbook, Putting People First: Human Issues in Instructional Technology, and has spent much of her career working toward understanding and teaching others how to employ universal and accessible design practices into online learning materials.

And while she might not have graduated from the Zondrell Magic Academy, but she has spent a fair amount of time around schools, as well as her personal passion of fantasy fiction. The world of M’Gistryn is a world completely her own, inspired by everything from Final Fantasy to Star Wars, from Harry Potter to the Sopranos, and from Ancient Rome to feudal Europe. But there’s more to M’Gistryn than magic and prophecies - it’s a world full of real people, struggling with real situations and emotions. In Core, the first book in the M’Gistryn series, she explores issues of war, coming of age, and the fulfillment of our life’s purpose.